Thursday, December 6, 2007

this weekend and beyond, FOOD AND LIVE MUSIC

Hey Folks,

Coming in your electric mail box very shortly will be The Rose and
Kettle New Year's Eve 5-course Dinner Menu. Open it up, read it and
give us a call to book yourself a place at the table. 607-264-3078.
It's always our busiest, best night with loads of fresh rich foods
both exotic and local, hordes of jolly folks and just a little bit of

But this note is a quick update regarding this weekend's offerings.
I'm not downplaying the here and now, however, because this weekend at
The Rose and Kettle you can feel the New Year's jets rumbling to life,
the party bells ring out and the warm hearth glows with holiday
deliciousness. For example:

Boudin Blanc Louisiana Pork and Rice Sausages in a puff pastry wedge,
topped with Madeira-soaked onion confit and dotted with raisins.

Brown Sugar-seared NY State Flank Steak with mint salad and almond dressing.

Also returning to the menu: two long-clamoured for old favorites.
Classic French Cut Crispy Chicken, and Local Otsego County Chevre
(this new item from The Painted Goat Farm in Morris, NY).

FINALLY: MUSIC. The Sunday Acoustic Series continues this weekend with
a visit from our old friend Bad Veronica, once of Sharon Springs, NY
and now of Philadelphia, PA. Don't let the name fool you. The "Bad" in
Bad Veronica is an ironic modifier which means she's really good and
great and a lot of fun to see and hear. Cherry Valley knows Bad
Veronica and you will too if you join us on Sunday at 8.

That's it. Be safe.
Clem Coleman

Friday, November 30, 2007


The Rose and Kettle Restaurant

Dear Friends,

Here's a quick one to fill you in on the doings at The Rose and Kettle
this weekend.

First of all, our Sunday Music Series is on hold for one week as we
are serving a special Holiday Lunch this weekend from 12 to 3. We'll
be fixing soups, classic cobb salad, prime rib sandwiches and avocados
paninis, and selling holiday gift certificates for 10% discount. All
of Cherry Valley is opening its doors and inviting the community to
its annual Holiday fest, with Santa and all.

Music starts up again on Sunday the 9th with Bad Veronica from
Philadelphia. I'll be posting the music schedule soon on our blog:

Lots of great things on the menu this weekend, garlic-crusted New
Zealand lamb chops, fresh fettuccine with avocado-tomato-mushroom
cream sauce, wild salmon and hanger steaks.

Remember, we're open all Winter, Friday Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM.
We are also presently writing our New Year's Menu and taking
reservations for that fine night. Look for details soon.

Love to all,

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi everyone,.

The weekend is here and The Rose and Kettle opens as scheduled to feed
your stomach and nourish your heart and soul. This Sunday at 8 we have
Acoustic Open Mic with hostess Dorothy Reiberg and our Sunday Night
Cantina serving Cheap, Fresh and Delicious Mexican Food. Shrimp Tacos,
Black Beans with loads of Garlic and Cumin, Guacamole etc. etc. Come
out, sign up and sing or recite or just stare at the audience with all
your god-given intensity.

But this is really a dinner restaurant. "Fine Dining." We served
dinner starting at 5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To satisfy your more
rarefied sensibilities, come in and have some homemade, rich, rustic
and healthy dinners prepared from the finest locally raised and grown
ingredients. Balsamic-BBQ Glazed Pork Chops from Nectar Hills Farm
served with Potato Gratin--Roasted Garlic and Duck Sausages with
Organic Rye Berries, Dried Apricots and Local Beets--Gorgonzola and
Fig Tarts--Local Tomato Salad with Sea Salt, Fresh Herbs and Balsamic

And remember last week's email regarding Thanksgiving? Well decision
time is almost upon you because next Thursday the 25th of October is
the cut-off for us to order our All-Natural Turkey Breasts. That means
if we don't have your order by then we can't shoulder all your holiday
burden and prepare for you and your family and friends the greatest
Thanksgiving meal of your collective lives. So think it over and once
you've decided that you'd like an all-natural Turkey with ALL the
fixins for one low low price, call up Terry at It's All Good and say
"Yes Terry, I want to give you a deposit and have my Turkey cooked for
me this year." 607-264-8016. We want to make this easy for you.

All right campers, Lights Out!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

local food-local farms-local music

Hi everyone

This week at the Rose and Kettle the theme continues to be the Fall,
the Autumn and the Indian Summer. We are cooking up local ducks with
patented black fruit beurre blanc--if you can understand French then
you know how difficult that must be. Nectar Hills farm pork chops are
in transit as I write this, and we'll be searing them off and serving
them with a fresh horseradish emulsion. Emulsions are a fresh, healthy
sauce that technically are in the salad dressing family but in fact
work best against meats and fish.

We are also big into blue cheese, and smoked Rogue Blue from Oregon to
be precise. This cheese is cave-aged for 90 days and smoked with
hazelnuts. We are pairing it up with caramelized figs and shallots in
a warm tart. Also popular to start lately is the 'Autumn Roll,' a
variation on the spring roll but this one stuffed with potato and herb
and cheese and served with sweet and sour cabbage.

if all this is tempting to you, then come in quick because we are
closed for Columbus Day weekend--that's NEXT weekend, in order to
attend my brother's wedding in California. But for a final dose of
Rose and Kettleness, the Sunday Night Acoustic series continues this
week with my own band, King Vidor, or some pieces of it at least.
That'll give you enough of me that you'll be glad to have a break next
week. We play acoustic rock and indie pop with country rock and
vintage tube tone. But we'll turn it down for the Rose and Kettle and
try to mellow your mind.

Alright, thanks for reading. In the immortal words of Donald Brooks,
"Continue to Persevere!"


Friday, September 14, 2007

Ring in the Fall

Hello Rose & Kettle friends,

Just a quick message to ring in the Fall and give you details on the return of our Sunday Evening Acoustic Music Series.

First, on the menu we have some new autumnal stuff:

  • warm Gorgonzola tart with caramelized figs and shallots
  • potato-herb-cheddar autumn rolls with braised cabbage
  • pistachio-crusted halibut with truffled mashed potatoes
  • nectar hills farm osso bucco with lemon risotto
  • sauteed chorizo and shrimp with creamy polenta
  • gaia's breath farm duck with orange beurre blanc

That's just a taste of what's brewing up here.

Second, our Sunday Acoustic Music was so successful that we are happy to continue it on into the Fall and hopefully through the Winter. This Sunday the 16th We bring back Richard Frasca, who closed the Spring Series and promises to open the Fall series with a complete set of songs and NO REPEATS from the last gig (well, maybe ONE repeat, "The Song You Know By Heart.") If we know this one by heart, why is Richard repeating this one? Don't ask the artist, just enjoy the fruits of his labor, at 8 O'clock, with a full compliment of bar food and cocktails to sustain you.

On Sunday the 23rd we welcome the Cherry Pickers, Art Dudley and Phil Zinner's bluegrass string duo whose harmonies killed the crowds at last season's open mic. Speaking of open mic's, look for that on September 30th, but more on that later.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Welcome to the Rose and Kettle

The staff of the Rose and Kettle, Metroland's "Best Restaurant Worth A Drive, 2007," welcomes you to our new blog! From now on, all of the email newsletters from the Rose and Kettle will be posted here automatically. Please feel welcome to comment!