Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi everyone,.

The weekend is here and The Rose and Kettle opens as scheduled to feed
your stomach and nourish your heart and soul. This Sunday at 8 we have
Acoustic Open Mic with hostess Dorothy Reiberg and our Sunday Night
Cantina serving Cheap, Fresh and Delicious Mexican Food. Shrimp Tacos,
Black Beans with loads of Garlic and Cumin, Guacamole etc. etc. Come
out, sign up and sing or recite or just stare at the audience with all
your god-given intensity.

But this is really a dinner restaurant. "Fine Dining." We served
dinner starting at 5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To satisfy your more
rarefied sensibilities, come in and have some homemade, rich, rustic
and healthy dinners prepared from the finest locally raised and grown
ingredients. Balsamic-BBQ Glazed Pork Chops from Nectar Hills Farm
served with Potato Gratin--Roasted Garlic and Duck Sausages with
Organic Rye Berries, Dried Apricots and Local Beets--Gorgonzola and
Fig Tarts--Local Tomato Salad with Sea Salt, Fresh Herbs and Balsamic

And remember last week's email regarding Thanksgiving? Well decision
time is almost upon you because next Thursday the 25th of October is
the cut-off for us to order our All-Natural Turkey Breasts. That means
if we don't have your order by then we can't shoulder all your holiday
burden and prepare for you and your family and friends the greatest
Thanksgiving meal of your collective lives. So think it over and once
you've decided that you'd like an all-natural Turkey with ALL the
fixins for one low low price, call up Terry at It's All Good and say
"Yes Terry, I want to give you a deposit and have my Turkey cooked for
me this year." 607-264-8016. We want to make this easy for you.

All right campers, Lights Out!