Thursday, December 6, 2007

this weekend and beyond, FOOD AND LIVE MUSIC

Hey Folks,

Coming in your electric mail box very shortly will be The Rose and
Kettle New Year's Eve 5-course Dinner Menu. Open it up, read it and
give us a call to book yourself a place at the table. 607-264-3078.
It's always our busiest, best night with loads of fresh rich foods
both exotic and local, hordes of jolly folks and just a little bit of

But this note is a quick update regarding this weekend's offerings.
I'm not downplaying the here and now, however, because this weekend at
The Rose and Kettle you can feel the New Year's jets rumbling to life,
the party bells ring out and the warm hearth glows with holiday
deliciousness. For example:

Boudin Blanc Louisiana Pork and Rice Sausages in a puff pastry wedge,
topped with Madeira-soaked onion confit and dotted with raisins.

Brown Sugar-seared NY State Flank Steak with mint salad and almond dressing.

Also returning to the menu: two long-clamoured for old favorites.
Classic French Cut Crispy Chicken, and Local Otsego County Chevre
(this new item from The Painted Goat Farm in Morris, NY).

FINALLY: MUSIC. The Sunday Acoustic Series continues this weekend with
a visit from our old friend Bad Veronica, once of Sharon Springs, NY
and now of Philadelphia, PA. Don't let the name fool you. The "Bad" in
Bad Veronica is an ironic modifier which means she's really good and
great and a lot of fun to see and hear. Cherry Valley knows Bad
Veronica and you will too if you join us on Sunday at 8.

That's it. Be safe.
Clem Coleman