Thursday, September 27, 2007

local food-local farms-local music

Hi everyone

This week at the Rose and Kettle the theme continues to be the Fall,
the Autumn and the Indian Summer. We are cooking up local ducks with
patented black fruit beurre blanc--if you can understand French then
you know how difficult that must be. Nectar Hills farm pork chops are
in transit as I write this, and we'll be searing them off and serving
them with a fresh horseradish emulsion. Emulsions are a fresh, healthy
sauce that technically are in the salad dressing family but in fact
work best against meats and fish.

We are also big into blue cheese, and smoked Rogue Blue from Oregon to
be precise. This cheese is cave-aged for 90 days and smoked with
hazelnuts. We are pairing it up with caramelized figs and shallots in
a warm tart. Also popular to start lately is the 'Autumn Roll,' a
variation on the spring roll but this one stuffed with potato and herb
and cheese and served with sweet and sour cabbage.

if all this is tempting to you, then come in quick because we are
closed for Columbus Day weekend--that's NEXT weekend, in order to
attend my brother's wedding in California. But for a final dose of
Rose and Kettleness, the Sunday Night Acoustic series continues this
week with my own band, King Vidor, or some pieces of it at least.
That'll give you enough of me that you'll be glad to have a break next
week. We play acoustic rock and indie pop with country rock and
vintage tube tone. But we'll turn it down for the Rose and Kettle and
try to mellow your mind.

Alright, thanks for reading. In the immortal words of Donald Brooks,
"Continue to Persevere!"


Friday, September 14, 2007

Ring in the Fall

Hello Rose & Kettle friends,

Just a quick message to ring in the Fall and give you details on the return of our Sunday Evening Acoustic Music Series.

First, on the menu we have some new autumnal stuff:

  • warm Gorgonzola tart with caramelized figs and shallots
  • potato-herb-cheddar autumn rolls with braised cabbage
  • pistachio-crusted halibut with truffled mashed potatoes
  • nectar hills farm osso bucco with lemon risotto
  • sauteed chorizo and shrimp with creamy polenta
  • gaia's breath farm duck with orange beurre blanc

That's just a taste of what's brewing up here.

Second, our Sunday Acoustic Music was so successful that we are happy to continue it on into the Fall and hopefully through the Winter. This Sunday the 16th We bring back Richard Frasca, who closed the Spring Series and promises to open the Fall series with a complete set of songs and NO REPEATS from the last gig (well, maybe ONE repeat, "The Song You Know By Heart.") If we know this one by heart, why is Richard repeating this one? Don't ask the artist, just enjoy the fruits of his labor, at 8 O'clock, with a full compliment of bar food and cocktails to sustain you.

On Sunday the 23rd we welcome the Cherry Pickers, Art Dudley and Phil Zinner's bluegrass string duo whose harmonies killed the crowds at last season's open mic. Speaking of open mic's, look for that on September 30th, but more on that later.